Nestled between Honduras and Costa Rica is Central America’s wild child, an emerging ecotourism destination, and a thrillseekers paradise. Packed with smoking volcanoes, beautiful stretches of coastline, dense rainforest, and charming colonial towns, there's something for everyone here.

Get ready to surf volcanoes, forge your way through tropical jungle, and get acquainted with the real, authentic Nicaragua.

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Popular destinations in Nicaragua


Colonial gem, and oldest inhabited city in continental Latin America.

Granada's cobblestone streets are lined with 17th century houses, crumbling courtyard gardens and elaborate villas, set against the serene backdrop of Lake Nicaragua. The city is best explored on foot, with a wealth of arresting colonial architecture, breathtaking views of Mombacho Volcano, and a rich history that any traveler will find fascinating.

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San Juan del Sur

A hit with surfers and backpackers, San Juan del Sur (SJDS) is the most popular beach town in Nicaragua. The beach is set on a protected bay, enclosed by prehistoric volcanic hills

The town is the biggest backpacker draw in the country, and you'll find several inexpensive bars and hostels here, and a constant party, if you want one.

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Culturally rich colonial city with beautiful architecture & a laid-back distinctly Nicaraguan vibe.

Located in northwestern Nicaragua, León is a university town often overlooked by tourists who instead head south, to Granada, Ometepe, and the beaches. For those that head north, León is a highlight, offering a rich history, delicious food, outdoor activities, volcanoes, friendly locals and nearby beaches.

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Ometepe Island

Twin volcanoes joined by a narrow isthmus to form the largest freshwater island in the world.

This extraordinary is on Lake Nicaragua, and is the largest island in the world located on a body of fresh water. Ometepe is formed by two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, connected by a narrow strip of black sand.

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